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DUI & Driving Offenses

At the Law Office of Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker III  we provide experienced, aggressive legal representation to all clients who are facing prosecution for serious traffic offenses and DUIs. Conviction not only means points on your driving record, it could also result in the loss of your license.

If you have been arrested as the result of an accident, DUI or other driving violation contact Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey Decker at (949) 365-7085 to schedule a free consultation. Mr. Decker will discuss the facts of your case with you and begin to determine how best to advocate on your behalf.

The Law Office of Harvey L. Decker III represents clients in a wide variety of driving offenses, including:

Driving on a Suspended License

Driving without a License


Hit and Run

Reckless Driving


Vehicular Manslaughter

If you have been arrested, don’t wait to contact an attorney. Failure to act in a timely manner may result in large fines, the loss of your license, and jail or prison time. We can help!

Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney

Under California Law, driving under the influence of drugs and /or alcohol is illegal. Numerous factors are taken into account when determining the penalty upon conviction, including any prior DUI offenses, level of intoxication, and whether or not anyone was injured as the result of a DUI accident. Drunk driving convictions can remain on your driving record up to 10 years, so retaining a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with DUI law is imperative.

Attorney Harvey L. Decker III has defended hundreds after entering into private criminal defense practice in 1982. Although you may believe that DUI cases are not triable, a skilled criminal defense lawyer knows how to present an effective defense that could mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. Call Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Lawyer Harvey L. Decker III at (949) 365-7085 to learn how we can help you defend against a misdemeanor or felony DUI charge.

Laguna Niguel DMV Hearing Lawyer

If you are arrested for DUI, the Department of Motor vehicles conducts an investigation that is wholly separate from a pending criminal case.

Under California Law, the DMV must immediately suspend the driver’s license of any individual who has been arrested because of a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher (.01 or higher if you are less than 21 years of age), or those of any drivers who refuse to comply with the chemical test requirement upon arrest. The arresting officer may confiscate your driver’s license and issue a temporary paper replacement Administrative Per Se driver’s license that is valid for 30 days. You are only allotted 10 days to contest the suspension of your license. Failure to do so will result in an automatic suspension for a term that the DMV deems reasonable.  

Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Lawyer Harvey L. Decker III not only provides representation in the criminal courts, but also during DMV Administrative Review (Admin Per Se) Hearings. Conducted in a similar fashion as a criminal court trial, it is essential that you retain experienced counsel to appear with you and represent you during this hearing. Administrative hearings are often as complex as court trials, and individuals often learn this after it is too late for an attorney to help.

A skilled DMV hearing lawyer, Mr. Decker will argue your case effectively and knowledgeably, and fight to ensure that you don’t lose your driving privileges.

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