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If you have been convicted of a crime and want to clear the conviction from your record by obtaining an Expungement, contact the Law Office of Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker III at (949) 365-7085 for a free consultation.

A seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer who has been a tenacious advocate for the rights of the accused for more than 30 years, Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker fights diligently for each and every client. A criminal conviction can have drastic consequences on your life. You may find that you are unable to obtain employment, housing, a professional license, and for those seeking to obtain U.S. Citizenship, your petition can be denied. If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime and your employer gains access to your record, you may be terminated or lose your professional license.

Harvey Decker has been helping clients seal their arrest records and obtain expungements since 1982. Don’t let a mistake from your past ruin your future and affect your ability to support your family. Call today to speak with a skilled lawyer who knows how to help you obtain the relief you seek from the courts.

Laguna Niguel Criminal Record Expungement Attorney

California law allows qualifying individuals who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony to obtain an expungement of their criminal records by requesting a retroactive dismissal of all charges that were filed against you. Doing so will allow you to answer truthfully that you have never been convicted of a crime on job, housing and licensing applications.

To obtain an expungement, we must be able to successfully demonstrate that all of the following requirements have been met at the time of filing for relief:

You are not currently facing prosecution

You are not currently on probation

You never served time in state prison

You have completed all terms of probation

All court ordered fines and restitution have been paid in full

If you were not given probation, at least a year has passed since sentencing

If you were convicted of a felony, we may be able to have your felony reduced to a misdemeanor prior to filing a petition to expunge your record.

Sex offenses may not be expunged from your criminal record. However, you may be eligible to obtain a certificate of rehabilitation, alleviating you from the requirement to register as a certified sex offender. A certificate of rehabilitation is the first step in the gubernatorial pardoning process. If we are successful in our attempt to acquire the certificate of rehabilitation, the Law Office of Harvey L. Decker III can assist you in requesting a pardon.

Contact Laguna Niguel Expungement Attorney Harvey L. Decker at (949) 365-7085 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. We can help erase the mistakes of your past and broaden your prospects for the future. Mr. Decker has been representing criminal defense clients in and around Laguna Niguel for more than 30 years.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Trusted for over 30 Years