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Gun Transportation Crimes

One can hold an opinion on whether to keep a firearm in car holster or not. If someone is exercising the 2nd amendment and plan to take a firearm along, without a doubt, he/she will mix the vehicles with the firearms. It is always a bit tricky to get in and out of a vehicle while strapping a piece of steel and polycarbonate.

Those who carry their holsters at their appendices get stabbed in their gut while those who wear rear holsters get stabbed in their butts. Thus, carrying a handgun even in the car is not comfortable. This is why several options are presented to the owners for safer and more comfortable holstering.

It is not only comfortable to mount the gun, but the drawing speed and efficiency are also increased as compared to the hip or back draw. Always configure the fastest and easiest way to draw the weapon. A car holster for gun offers the most efficient way of securing the firearm and provides the best angle to draw the weapon quickly.

Why keep the gun in a car holster?

The first and foremost reason is that the owner always knows where it is. If anyone is mostly on the road, it makes sense to bring the gun along. Of course, make sure the firearm is secure and exercise maximum security at all times. A car holster for gun solves the classic problem of reaching the firearm when in a hurry. Under some situations, people tend to become flustered, but an easy-to-approach car holster can be a great help in such conditions. A good holster mount can make the drawing process quick and efficient. There are not a lot of movements and the response becomes efficient. 

Do not have a concealed carry permit yet!

When one decides to always carry a gun and does not have a concealed carry permit an in truck gun rack may remedy the situation. Open carrying a pistol strapped to the hip makes people uncomfortable. In such cases the situation often becomes awkward, everyone starts avoiding the person who is open carrying. The concern can be debated, but the matter of the fact is that some folks just do not like open carry, which is why an in car holster mount is a handy gadget.

What about when conducting business!

Even when someone has a concealed carry permit, what about when they have to enter a hospital or a school for that matter. Some places have extreme no-tolerance policies about a gun on the ground. A concealed carry cannot help him/her in such cases. In situations like a parent-teacher meeting or a court date one most definitely would want to leave the firearm in the gun car holster. Government buildings do not allow any kind of firearm in the buildings and anyone could face charges for breaking the code, such situations can be avoided by a gun car holster.


It is a common belief among some people that they would rather defend themselves and don’t need it than need it and not possess it. But beware that a concealed car holster also requires a concealed carry permit. 

How to choose the Car Holster?

Before anyone considers buying any car holster mount, they need to be aware of certain facts which can help them stay on the legal side of the constitution. Here are some important pointers to check Concealed carry in the United States. Every gun owner needs to plan, to account for the places he/she is going to be visiting in a car with a car holster mount.

·                 The spots that you will visit:

Places such as government buildings, school buildings, and the border have different gun laws. Visiting such areas with a gun will result in ramifications.
·                 Which state will the owner be driving in?

Every state has laws about open carry and concealed carry permits. Pleading ignorance of the state laws may not help the case as some states do not permit visible firearms. On the other hand, concealed carry car holsters require a concealed carry permit.
·                 Size of the car holster mount:

The size of the mount is an important factor as most people buy these without considering the size and face problems later on. Figure out the placement of the mount before the purchase so that the dimensions do not mismatch.

·                How efficient should it be?

The efficiency of a car holster denotes the quick response. If it is not easy to draw from and secure at the same time, keep looking. Choosing a car holster is an important process, keep in mind the place where it will be mounted. The best place is where one has easy access and doesn’t need to worry about the safety of the firearm.

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